Hunger Mountain

Winter 2024

Faculty, students, and alumnx of the Writing Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts are the creators of Hunger MountainHM’s editors share VCFA’s belief that the arts are central to the human experience and have the ability not only to reflect [reality] but also to create it. We, techno-extended humans, curate the world for ourselves and others amidst an increasing awareness that eating and breathing mean becoming-with the animal, viral, fungal, and mineral worlds. Literary art and how we present it matters. In this issue, we aim to exhibit a beast worthy of our times—a glorious monster that demands complexity, worships diversity, and transcends linguistic limitations. We hope the boundaries grow pores and the narrative threads tangle. We hope—as readers and writers and thinkers—you find this collection as wildly permissive and innovative as we do. Welcome, fellow Hybrid, to Issue 29.

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Editor-in-Chief & Fiction Editor

Adam McOmber

Fiction Editor

Brian Leung

Creative Nonfiction Editor

Chachi Hauser

Poetry Editor

Tarfia Faizullah

Hybrid Editor & Co-Managing Editor

Myrth Killingsworth

Associate Poetry Editor & Co-Managing Editor

Yetta Rose Stein

Associate Editor At-Large

Stephen Welter

Howard Frank Mosher Fiction Prize Judge

Fernando Flores

Ruth Stone Poetry Prize Judge

Tarfia Faizullah

Hunger Mountain Creative Nonfiction Prize Judge

Negesti Kaudo

Interviews Editor

Montserrat Andrée Carty

Copy Editors

Jesse Albatrosov

Jenna Crowder

Melissa LaCross

Stephen Welter

Social Media Specialist

Juliet Way-Henthorne

Staff Readers

Jesse Albatrosov

Amy Asay

Hannah Ban

Kate Boyette

Brandon Brown

Peggy Carouthers

Maggie Conlon

Degan Davis

Emily Ehrhart

Emily Fortune McArdle

Evan Frolov

Brie Goumaz

Jen Graney

Micaela Green

Liz Gulsvig

Christina Hartmann

Melissa LaCross

Stephanie LaRose

Jamie Li

Tara McCann

Sarah Lizz Meyers

Lee Mirkovic

Claire Muraoka

Victoria Osland

Andrew Polewarczyk

Todd Poremba

Stephanie LaRose

Timothy Provenzano

Jade Rolof

Linda Romano

Mark Routhier

Jenna Smith

Lacy Snapp

Susan Squires

Carmela Starace

Leslie Stonebraker

Jep Streit

Juliet Way-Henthorne

Rachel Workman

Cover Artist

Myrth Killingsworth

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